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Jan 11, 2016
A team of Nepalese Hindu Forum UK (NHFUK) met Rt honourable Mrs Priti Patel, employment minister, and MP Bob Blackman, chairman of all Party Parliamentary Group for British Hindus at the House of Commons yesterday.

Various issues of the Nepalese community and the Nepalese Hindus including chaplaincy training, equality act, crematorium, interfaith and holiday for the Hindus during the greatest Hindu festivals among others were raised during the meeting with the Minister... ..Read More

Demand for Hindu Nation
Jul 23, 2015

Nepalese living in the United Kingdom have submitted a petition to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and Speaker Subhash Nembang demanding to declare Nepal a Hindu nation with religious freedom to all the minority communities. The petition was submitted to the acting ambassador at the Nepalese embassy in London today. Nepalese living in different parts of the UK, and affiliated and involved in various organisations, businesses, politics and professions have signed the 14 points... ..Read More

Why should Nepal be a Hindu Nation?
Jan 22, 2015
Nepal is in the process of drafting a new democratic constitution. There are many issues among them the reinstatement of Hinduism is one of them as Nepal was declared secular state without people’s mandate. It was neither the demand of the popular movement nor the agenda of any political party. Sanatan Hindu religion has been the social, cultural and religious tradition of Nepal since ancient time. Historical facts and evidence since ancient time clearly suggest that Nepal has deeply rooted... ..Read More