Apr 8, 2011

A gathering of the Nepalese living in various parts of the United Kingdom have formed Nepalese Hindu Forum UK (NHFUK) to promote, protect, practice and preserve rich Hindu religious tradition through youth oriented programmes and interfaith dialogue. Major (retired) Surya Upadhyaya is the chairman of the NHFUK adhoc committee while Chiranjibi Paudyal, Gopal Giri and Pundit Durga Pokharel are the general secretary, treasurer and spiritual advisor respectively.

Likewise, Devendra Manandhar and Narahari Basnet are the membership co- coordinator for London and South of England and Gyan Bahadur Rai is the co-ordinator for Yoga. Gopal Bishwokarma, Shekhar Kandel and Rajesh Subedi are the newly formed committee which was launched after extensive discussion for more than a year in various parts of the UK. The meeting held at Camden town in London.

At the inaugural meeting of the NHFUK, members stressed the need of interfaith dialogue with other religious organizations, publishing Hindu religious festival calendar, providing information and need of education strategy to impart Hindu religion to the young generation. The committee concluded that being a scientific and democratic religion, there is the need of proper explanation of Hinduism, introduction of Vedic education, publications of articles in the local media about the importance of Hindu festivals and teach the new generation about the rich tradition of Hindu religion.

Meanwhile, Surya Upadhyaya, on behalf of the Shiva Cultural Society and Chiranjibi Paudyal from the NHFUK, attended the annual general meeting of the Hindu Forum of Britain, the umbrella body of over 400 organisations.