Oct 7, 2011
Nepalese living in various parts of the United Kingdom have celebrated Dashain, the greatest festival of the Hindus and national festival of Nepal with great enthusiasm, fun and fervor. Nepalese living in Reading celebrated the festival organizing Dashain party where more than 300 people attended the programme on the eve of Dashain. Such Dashain parties were organized in other places including Plumstead, Farnborough, Aldershot, North Yorkshire, London, Swindon, Kent and Scotland among other.

People received Tika from the elders as well as friends visiting house to house of the Nepalese in Reading area where according to the CNSUK census over 5,000 Nepalese live. Over 50 people received Tika from Mrs Santu Adhikari of Dhikurpokhari of Kaski district. She had come to visit her son Dr Krishna Adhikari and family during Nepal’s greatest festival Dashain.

Dashain at UK"Dashain“ I am pleased to see people celebrating festival with such wholeheartedness,” she said. In some places, people recited Durga Saptasati Chandi for nine days and grew Jamara in their houses. Hindu temples across the UK also organized various programmes to mark the Dashain festival. There are over 200 Hindu temples mostly established by Indians in the UK.

Most of the Nepali school going students took a day off on that day while some families exchanged Tika in the evening due to their busy work nature and festive fervor remained until Purnima. Baburam Banstola, a Highly Skilled Migrant living in Reading, organized Tika exchange programme to celebrate the event in group while some other utilized the day as an entertainment occasion with playing cards and with other joviality activities.

The celebration of the festival abroad is different compared to Nepal where the occasion is mostly limited to the family and close relatives whereas it is broader and wider making it the occasion of the whole community abroad. In addition to rejoicing the occasion with feast and festivity within family, friends and the wider community, various community and ethnic groups also organized enthralling cultural programmes with get together and merrymaking events in different cities and towns.

There is the tradition in the Nepalese embassy London of celebrating Dashain festival with a limited circle of people. However, the community organized celebration has turned out to be bigger and better in the recent years. Living thousand miles away from home and even living a very busy life, Nepalese have given continuity to the rich great tradition of the Hindus.