Jun 3, 2012

Southall, London, 2nd June 2012 - Nepalese Hindu Forum UK (NHFUK) held a spiritual talk programme on “Inspired Living” by Mrs. Jaya Row, founder of Vedanta vision, and renowned Vedanta scholar of the modern day world, at Ram Mandir, Southall London on Saturday.
She said that Vedanta is the source of spiritual and emotional inspiration where you can find higher level of source of energy, there is no obstacle and you can discover infinite resources and power and things are done for you.
“To be inspired you must have a vision beyond your individual needs and aspirations and encompass the well-being of the world. This vision then translates into a goal that is pursued with relentless focus, deep devotion and outstanding work. Then you will be so fulfilled at work that you will no longer need a weekend. The annual vacation will become redundant as your vocation becomes a source of joy and excitement.”
According to Mrs Row “Inspiration gives ordinary people the courage to make life better for themselves and for future generations. It enables them to transform into extraordinary achievers.”

Shedding light on spiritual inspiration, quoting the verses of the Bhagwat Gita and presenting examples of great works of born blind musician of India Surdas and great poet John Milton and many other renowned persons she said nothing even poison, fire and anything cannot harm you.“Spiritual Inspiration makes a mute speak eloquently, a lame person climb mountains,” she added.
Intellectual conviction finds still higher level of energy sources and rise above the body and personal benefit where you can achieve tremendous success even without money and any resources, she said and presented the example of Mahatma Gandhi, who had less than a dollar wealth when he died but became one of the most influential people of the world. We should rise above everything to be successful. Chanting the verses from the Upanishad she said: “Those are sunless worlds enveloped in blinding darkness to which the slayers of atman go after death.” One man’s intellectual conviction can change the world if we decide to work for the welfare of the world. But if there is no that inspiration then we can be like “gold in donkey’s back.”
To rise above your body, personal benefit you should expand your mind, she said: Give you gain, grab you lose.” Only think of giving – no need to give anything, only think “how can I help you”- not how do you help me?
Stating that we should work for something beyond pay check and we should look forward to Monday morning – not Friday evening so that we are always doing something beyond ourselves, she said always set higher goal, love others, think beyond universe, feel for others, and recharge your battery with positive, powerful and strong Vedanta knowledge.
Mrs Row said: Wealth of spiritual knowledge (Vedanta) can give us smile, happiness and excitement like the child has but we should not pass our depression and sadness to the child. Knowledge of Vedanta and listening inspiring powerful music lifts the spirits and can inspire and motivate us. She added if you overcome hatred then you can conquer all the negativity. We should our talent and add spirituality and fix Dharma is that then we forget the selfishness.
Shedding light on the great rich Hindu tradition since the time of Harappa civilization, Mrs Row said there was harmony, there was peace, there was knowledge, and there were no locks in the houses as none used to take the property of others and there was no crime but we have lost that glory. We can still enrich our spiritual wealth through the knowledge of Vedanta, she said.
She suggested powerful input of spiritual knowledge to get rid of negativity and said “change your thoughts, change the world.” In reply to a question about the animal sacrifice in Nepal, she said “My appeal to you is to follow your conscience,” can we make God happy killing innocent animals? “I am a born vegetarian because of my conviction, so follow your conscience.
VedantA host of speakers including school children Grishma Kandel and Shaishab Sharma, Bandana Upadhya, Bhagirath Yogi, Pundit Durga Pokhrel among others put forward their questions on various aspects of Hinduism, spirituality and inspired living on the occasion.
Mrs Row She has spent over 40 years in the study and research of Vedanta. She has a first class academic record in Microbiology and has had a distinguished management career which she renounced to devote herself full time to the interpretation and re-presentation of Vedanta for the modern generation. Mrs. Row has helped change people's concept of Indian scriptures. From that of obsolete texts of bygone ages only to be revered, to that of a living, vibrant prescription for success, happiness and personal growth.
Speaking as a chief guest, representative of the Nepalese embassy in London Col. Bishwanath Ghimire said Hinduism is the greatest religion of the world which always relates to God and connects to the Humanitarian values. Col. Ghimire also shed light in detail about his impression, concept and great contributions of Mahatma Gandhi and Hindu philosophy in the promotion of values in the modern day world.
Earlier welcoming the guests, chairman of the NHFUK Maj. (Retd.) Surya Upadhya said the main objectives of the Nepalese Hindu Forum UK is to present, preserve, protect and promote Hinduism and its rich religious tradition, culture and values in a rational and scientific manner to highlight its significance and relevance in the modern day world, familiarize Hindu values, culture and deep-rooted scriptures to the Nepalese youths transcending caste, creed, language and ethnic origin and initiate interfaith dialogue to create peace, harmony and sense of brotherhood among different faiths and communities and build a strong, cohesive and integrated society in the UK.
The programme was sponsored by Ravindra Jung lamichhane, one of the founding members of the NHFUK. Mrs Row felicitated him on the occasion. Over 100 people from different parts of the United Kingdom attended the programme where delicious vegetarian food was also served sponsored by Mr Lamichhane. Mrs Row, Trusty of Ram Mandir Mahant Shrestha and Col Ghimire were felicitated on the occasion. The Forum has organised a number of activities including pilgrimage to Balaji, Bhajans and Sankirtan, visit to Oxford to Children and youths and initiating interfaith dialogues with other religious and ethnic communities since its formation in 2010.