Apr 20, 2013

Caste discrimination is not acceptable, we discard, we hate. Untouchability is illegal in Nepal and that reflects among the Nepalese community in the UK.  First, there are members of all community in our organisations, they are in vital position of Nepalese Hindu organisations including in the Nepalese Hindu Forum UK, Shiva Cultural Centre etc.

Second, caste discrimination and untouchability is illegal in Nepal and that reflects here among the Nepalese community. Like other Hindu community in the UK,  we do not accept caste discrimination and if there is any then it should be abolished.

When almost all the Hindu, Shikh and Jain community members are saying that they were not consulted, they had no idea and any information about the research done about the caste discrimination then how can we accept the authenticity of the report which has become the basis for the caste discrimination bills.

In such scenario, it would be appropriate to consult and do proper research about the issue, visit the temples, meet the community and religious leaders and   discuss extensively on such issue and only then appropriate step should be taken.
We feel that any kind of discrimimation should not be allowed  and we believe that the way ahead before any legislation is introduced,  is to consult the wider community and we would be more than pleased to assist in any consultation programme by the Government.

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