UK Campaign for a Hindu nation in Nepal
Jan 1, 2015
Nepalese living in the UK have launched an online petition campaign to stop conversion to Christianity in Nepal and reinstatement of a ‘Hindu Nation’ in Nepal.Nepalese living in the UK have launched an online petition campaign to stop conversion to Christianity in Nepal and reinstatement of a ‘Hindu Nation’ in Nepal. The global petition campaign, addressed to the government of Nepal and Constituent Assembly Members, has appealed to declare Nepal a ‘Hindu Nation’ in the new constitution. In a press release issued today, the campaigners have stated that after the declaration of secular state, conversion campaign has increased drastically and destroyed the centuries’ old social, religious and cultural harmony existing among the people of different religious and ethnic groups in Nepal. Nepal is a country of Sanatan Hindu Dharma since time immemorial and the very name of ‘Nepal’ originates from the name of the Hindu sage ‘Ne.’ The history of Nepal clearly states that the country was protected by sage ‘Ne.’ Therefore there is not an iota of doubt that this is a country of Sanatan Dharma since ancient times. The press release further states that over 94 percent of the population living from Mechi to Mahakali and Himal to Terai are of the Omkar family (adherents of Sanatan Dharma) therefore it is pertinent to declare Nepal a Hindu nation where people of different religious groups have lived together in harmony for centuries. ‘’The declaration of secular state was neither the demand of popular movement nor the agenda of political parties nor part of the 12 point understanding signed between the parties in New Delhi’’, the press release states, adding that the declaration of secular state was a conspiratorial plot to dismantle the peace, harmony, sovereignty and integrity of Nepal. Earlier, a meeting of Nepalese living in the United Kingdom this week unanimously decided to launch a Sanatan Hindu Dharma Awareness Campaign (SHDAC) for the restoration of ‘Hindu Nation’ in Nepal for the preservation, protection and promotion of the most ancient and glorious Sanatan Hindu religion. SHAC decided to support all democratic and peaceful programmes launched in Nepal and around the globe for the restoration of ‘’Hindu Nation.’ ’ The meeting, which was attended by representatives of the sister organisations of Nepalese political parties in the UK, businessmen, professionals and others, decided to launch an online petition campaign to garner support from around the globe and coordinate with Nepalese living in Europe, USA and other parts of the world. The meeting also discussed about the use of social media for this purpose. The meeting held extensive discussion about the need of declaring Hindu state in Nepal. The release urged all to sign the petition through the following link: