Demand for Hindu Nation
Jul 23, 2015
Nepalese living in the United Kingdom have submitted a petition to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and Speaker Subhash Nembang demanding to declare Nepal a Hindu nation with religious freedom to all the

Nepalese living in the United Kingdom have submitted a petition to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and Speaker Subhash Nembang demanding to declare Nepal a Hindu nation with religious freedom to all the minority communities. The petition was submitted to the acting ambassador at the Nepalese embassy in London today. Nepalese living in different parts of the UK, and affiliated and involved in various organisations, businesses, politics and professions have signed the 14 points petition, which shed lights why Nepal should be a Hindu nation.

Secularism was not the demand of the popular movement, neither it was the agenda of any major political parties nor the 12 point understanding signed by Nepali Congress, UML and Maoists in New Delhi, therefore declaration of secularism was unfair and undemocratic,  a press release issued by the Nepalese Hindu Forum UK stated after the submission of petition.  Political party leaders and Consituent Assembly members must listen the voice of the people across the country during the consultation process, where people have expressed their demand for Hindu nation, the release added. The full content of the petition is given below:


Mr Sushi Koirala

Rt Honourable Prime Minister

Government of Nepal


Subject: Declaration of Hindu State


Rt Honourable Prime Minister,

We, the Nepalese people living in the United Kingdom and affiliated and involved in various organisations, businesses, politics and profession,  would like to request you to declare Nepal as a Hindu state in the new constitution, which is in the process of drafting at present.

Why should Nepal be a Hindu nation?

  1. Firstly, declaration of secular state was unfair and undemocratic as secular state was neither the demand of the popular movement nor the agenda of any political parties, nor it was the agenda and issue of the 12 point understanding signed by the Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists in New Delhi India. The major political party leaders including you right honourable Prime Minister have referred time and again that popular movements since 1950, 12 point understanding  and the wishes and demand of the people are the bottom line of the new constitution.  Secularism is neither of these so this is against the fundamental rights of people.
  2. Secondly, Nepal is known as a Hindu nation all over the world. Hinduism is our identity, Hinduism is our history and Hinduism is our glory, therefore Nepal should be a Hindu nation with the provision of religious freedom to all other minority religious community.  Hinduism is deep rooted in our culture, tradition and everyday life of the people and Hinduism is the prestige of Nepal. This is the only historical identity that Nepal can present to the world.
  3. In addition to this, over 81 % population of Nepal follow Hinduism.  If we count the number of Omkar family, Sanatan Dharma followers, it is over 94 % of the population, therefore, it is unfair and undemocratic to declare secular state hurting the feelings of nearly almost all the population of Nepal. This is neither fair nor democratic so secularism is completely unacceptable.


  1. There are over one billion Hindus living all over the world, and wherever they live Hindus consider Nepal as the only Hindu state in the world. Therefore Hinduism has glorified the image of Nepal; Hinduism has become the identity of Nepal and placed Nepal in a respected position in the world. Hindu temples and pilgrimage are the source of attraction to thousands of Hindus which can be a reliable source for the promotion of tourism and economic development of the country. Therefore, Nepal must be a Hindu nation.
  2. Furthermore, Nepal is known as the country of origin of Sanatan Hindu religion where renowned sages and saints including Balmiki and Vedvyas, were born, lived and created renowned Hindu scriptures. However, with the declaration of secular state, this historic glory of Nepal will be deleted from our history.
  3. Sanatan Hindu religion has been the social, cultural and religious tradition of Nepal since ancient time. Historical facts and evidence since ancient time clearly suggest that Nepal has deeply rooted Sanatan Hindu tradition and that tradition continued from various prehistoric periods. Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Kailash, Gokarna, Janakpur, Ruru, Barah, Lumbini, Devghat and hundreds of pilgrimages, shrines, temples, monasteries, dharmashalas and ashrams dating back thousands of years are the testimonies of this fact. The ancient temples existing for thousands of years are the clear evidence of the existence of Sanatan Hindu religion in Nepal. Therefore, this glory of long history cannot be abolished in the whims political leaders and foreign influence.  Therefore Nepal must be a Hindu nation.
  4. Moreover, we must also read the history of other democratic nations.  We live in the United Kingdom so it is appropriate to mention this country as an example. Prime Minister David Cameroon and other leaders proudly say ‘’we are Christian nation.’’ However, the number of Christian population is less than 60 %.  Why don’t Nepali leaders understand this fact and be proud of their rich religious tradition? 


  1. There are dozens of Christian and Islam declared countries in the world, andeven in the SAARC, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the Maldives are officially Islamic countries and Bhutan is Buddhist country.  Why should Nepal not be a Hindu nation?
  2. The population of Jews is very few compared to the Hindus; despite this fact Israel is a Jewish nation and Jewish people all over the worldare proud of this. Why the Hindus cannot see Nepal as the glorious Hindu nation?
  3. In the recent newspaper reports, Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal is reported to have said that increasing Christianity in Nepal is not in the interest of neighbouring countries; India and China.  Then why should not Nepal be a Hindu nation to make balance and friendly relations with the neighbouring countries?
  4. Hinduism is not only the most ancient religion but also a great tolerant and peaceful religion.  One of the prayer of the Hindus is ‘’ Sarve bhavantu sukhina, sarve santu niramaya, sarve bhadrani pashyantu, makaschid dukha bhagbhawet.’’ (May all be happy, may all become healthy, may all enjoy prosperity and may none suffer). Hindus pray for all. Where is the intolerance in Hinduism? Which Hindu scriptures advocate for violence? Hinduism teaches love, fraternity and brotherhood. This is the most scientific and most developed religion with so many great religious scriptures. These have started to attract the scholars, literary figures and political leaders all over the world.  Albert Einstein to TS Elliot, leaders to layman, Hollywood star to academicians have attracted to Hinduism saying this is the real religion with convincing scientific bases.  American president Obama always keeps Hanuman’s idol in his pocket. There are reasons for this. Many renowned figures in the west have started to practice Hinduism, many leaders including David Cameroon and Obama praise Hindus and Hinduism. Declaration of secular state will be the killing of our glorious cultural heritage. Therefore we must understand the greatness of Hinduism and declare Nepal a Hindu nation.
  5.  You are a democratic leader and you believe in democracy. If you are a real democratic leader then you just listen the voice of 94 % Omkar family, who are demanding Hindu nation.  
  6. Media reports and leaders of your own party have been saying that there is overwhelming support for Hindu nation and people have raised this voice during the recent consultation process. So as a democrat, you must listen the voice of people and declare Nepal a Hindu nation.
  7. Rt honourable Prime Minister, despite the peoples’ wish and demand, despite the people’s voice and suggestion for Hindu nation, if you hesitate to declare Nepal a Hindu nation, then you must hold referendum. Therefore either hold referendum or declare Nepal a Hindu nation. Let people decide the fate of religion in Nepal. This is the democratic rights of the people and this is the most democratic process.

Right honourable Prime Minister, we would like to request you to listen the voice of Nepalese people living around the world and declare Nepal a Hindu nation.

We hope you will consider our request and suggestion, and most importantly listen the voice of people from Mechi to Mahakli and all over the world, while drafting the new constitution.


Surya Upadhya, Chairman Nepalese Hindu Forum UK (NHFUK)

Chiranjibi Paudyal, General Secretary, NHFUK

Ravi Jung Lamichhane, Businessman, Founding member NHFUK

Durga Pokhrel, Spiritual Advisor NHFUK

Nabraj Neupane, Regional Chairman NPCCUK

Rosan Sapkota, Businessman, Political Activist

Kirti Pant, Former chairman Greater Reading Nepalese Community Association (GRNCA)

Ujjal Dhakal, Project Planner Engineer

Mahesh Acharya, Coordinator, Highly Skilled Migrants Forum

Baburam Banstola, Treasurer, Nepali Pran Yoga Group

Devendra Manandhar, NHFUK

Mrs Jessica Lamichhane

Miss Sagun Chhetri

Mithulal Bishwokarma

Ramesh Paudel, NPCCUK


Suraj Timalsina

Bednath Pahari

Mrs Arunima Shrestha

Kishor Subedi

Jiwan Ram

Names of many petitioners affiliated to various political parties, professions and organisations have been withheld in their requests.


Date: 23/07/2015