Memorandum to PM Oli
Jun 12, 2019

Rt Honourable Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli Government of Nepal

Sanatan Hindu Dharma has been the religious tradition of Nepal since time immemorial. Renowned ancient Maharshis and King Janak, Sita, and Gautam Buddha were born and lived in Nepal. Modern history clearly states that Hindu sage named ‘Ne’ established Nepal during prehistoric times and that the word ‘Nepal’ means the place protected by the sage ‘Ne.’ There is no iota of doubt that this is the land of Sanatan Hindu Dharma since time immemorial where the greatest sages spent their time in meditation and created greatest religious scriptures from this place.

Kailash, Pashupatinath, Gokarna, Muktinath, Janakpur, Ruru, Barah, Lumbini, Devghat and hundreds of pilgrimages, shrines, temples, monasteries, dharmashalas and ashrams dating back thousands of years are the testimonies of this fact. The ancient temples existing thousands of years are clear evidence of the existence of Sanatan Hindu religion. The Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Kirantis and other religious adherents lived together respecting each other for thousands of years. The tolerable Hindu culture of ‘Basudaiva Kutumbakam’ is in the heart and mind of the devotees of this glorious tradition.

Adherents of Omkar family (Sanatan Dharma) constitute about 95 percent people of Nepal, from Mechi to Mahakali and from the Himalayas to the Terai. The perfect example of brotherhood and fraternity exist between the adherents of Sanatan Dharma and the followers of other religious beliefs since ancient time. Hindu culture leads our life from birth to death on every occasion and it is in our genes. The greatest Hindu scriptures Vedas, Upanishads and Shreemad Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana and Mahabharata epic are considered to be the supreme creation of the universe. Hindus, Buddhists, Kirantis, Jains, Sikhs and other Sanatan followers have a unique cultural identity which cannot be found in any part of the world.

In this context, the declaration of ‘secular state’ was neither the demand of popular movement of 2006 nor it was the agenda of 12 point understanding of the political parties signed in New Delhi. Therefore, declaration of a secular state was undemocratic and against the mandate of people. This conspiratorial declaration of the secular state breaking thousands of years old religious, social and cultural harmony, fraternity and unity of Nepal is utterly unacceptable. This is against human rights principles and international values and norms. For that reason, it is hostile to the social, cultural and religious beliefs and harmony of Nepal. Nepali people outright refuse this undemocratic declaration and assume that this was due to external pressure and plot. As a result, the thousands of years’ social, religious and cultural harmony among the people of different ethnic and religious groups and the indivisible entity, sovereignty, and unity of Nepal has been dismantled.

There are many nations in the world which are known as Islamic, Christian and Buddhist countries. The only Jewish country Israel has been the center of attraction for not only Jews but others around the globe. Nepal can be the center of attraction for over a billion Hindus of the world. Nepal can be the representative identity of the Hindus. The only Sanatan Hindu country of the world is the pride, identity, and glory of Nepal. Sanatan culture is our testimony of rich social, religious and cultural heritage and dignity and beauty. Being a Hindu is a great pride for each and every one as Yog, which is so popular around the world, and the greatest of the great scriptures of the Hindu dharma which were originated in Nepal are revered among the academia were originated in our land. Let’s be proud to be Hindu, save our glorious past and preserve our tradition to advance the economic development of our country. The values and principles of Hindu dharma are for all humanity; these are essential to preserve the world today as we pray for the welfare of all living being- not a religious sect, community or country.

In view of this ancient glorious tradition of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and respecting the aspirations and feelings of the people, Nepal must be declared a ‘Hindu Nation.’